Serial Swappers FAQ and History

Serial Swappers is the current name for an idea started by Lyn Thorne-Alder, of Addergoole fame Current works here ; and Lucy Weaver, also known as Wysteria, Current works here , with a simple idea.  An April Fool’s Joke played on our readers by a collection of serial novel writers, specifically ones that congregated at


The first year was a resounding success.  Those involved wrote an update for others, with amusing little twists, sudden ships, or mass destruction. Or all of the above.  At the end of the update, the joke was revealed, and the owner of the serial posted a link back to the serial of the person who wrote an update for them, as well as a link to their own April fool on someone else’s page. Sadly, most of the stories are no longer up.  I am attempting to archive them here, so if you were involved in the project and have an archive somewhere, please let me know!  You can find the original listing HERE.


After a year pause, the idea was brought up again, and has been an annual event!

Serial Swappers April Fools 2015


Serial Swappers April Fools 20106


Serial Swappers April Fools 2017


We are currently looking for serial writers interested in participating in the 2018 April fools swap!  We are collecting the names of interested writers , and the first assignments will be given on February the 5th.