S.N.A.G. presents: April Fools’ Serial Swap, 2021!

Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends, we are so glad you could attend, time to write, time to write.

Once again we here at the Serial Novel Advocacy Group bring that wonderous event started in the depths of the now deceased forums of WebFictionGuide.com , The Annual April Fool’s Swap.

The idea is simple.  Writers that sign up get assigned to each other’s serials.  They write a non-canon, joke post.  There are a lot of ways to do so, but the idea is to end with an obvious joke, an APRIL FOOLS! (Character dies, dead character comes back to life, someone uses an internet meme, something to make the reader gasp, and then say, waitaminute….)  On April 1st, everyone posts the update written for them, linking back to the joke writer’s serial, and a link to the joke post THEY wrote for another serial.  This gets a lot of traffic and motion, lots of discussion, and is generally good fun for all involved. Please sign up if interested, and spread the link around to any serial writer you know who would be interested! The more the merrier. 


Q. Do I have to have a long running serial?

A. NO! We do think that having an April Fool post before you have enough of an established story to play with might not work out the best, but all serial writers are welcome.

Q. But what if I don’t have the time to READ a huge backlog of an old serial?

A. DON’T! A few recent updates are generally enough to get the gist, and we put you in touch with each other, so you can always ask the writer you are writing for questions about their serial.

Q. What if the person assigned to write me doesn’t deliver? Am I screwed to be without a post because I spent my time writing for someone else?

A. It happens. We always have a few volunteers on hand that are able to step up and quickly write a replacement. No worries. No one has ever gone into the 1st without a post.

Sign up at https://forms.gle/QehpohkCQrB6bETLA

Matches will be going out on March 1st. I added a day for a few last minute sign ups!

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