S.N.A.G. Presents : Serial Swappers April Fool’s 2020

We missed last year, but we’re doing it again!  April Fools Serial Swap!


Update! The first matchup has gone out, but if we get any more interested authors between now and March 1st, I will send out additional swaps.  Signup closes march 1st, to make sure everyone has enough time to read and write! Thanks.


The idea is simple.  Writers that sign up get assigned to each other’s serials.  They write a non-canon, joke post.  There are a lot of ways to do so, but the idea is to end with an obvious joke, an APRIL FOOLS! (Character dies, dead character comes back to life, someone uses an internet meme, something to make the reader gasp, and then say, waitaminute….)  On April 1st, everyone posts the update written for them, linking back to the joke writer’s serial, and a link to the joke post THEY wrote for another serial.  This gets a lot of traffic and motion, lots of discussion, and is generally good fun for all involved. Please sign up if interested, and spread the link around to any serial writer you know who would be interested! The more the merrier.  Thanks.

Sign up at


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