Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends, I am so glad you could attend, come inside, come inside!

The Leaking Pen has existed since early 1999.  A Geocities page, it was my first attempt at making a writing collective, a place for people to share, learn, and grow together.  I intended writing prompts, discussion pages, essays from published authors to share (actually had one from Piers Anthony!)


It lasted a few years, and had some actual discussion. We… may have helped create Twilight.  (I’m sorry).

The name always gets questions.  It came from a poem I heard performed in high school.  “As these words spew forth from my leaking ink pen.” The image has stuck with me.  It’s how it feels to write, for me.  Nothing, then spewing mass of ink, then nothing. Spurts and starts. Well, its time for another spurt, and so, I have relaunched The Leaking Pen. Same goals as before, but bigger. The online world has changed since ’99.  Social media has flourished, and the online serial novel, something we had all just decided was a good idea, is now entrenched, with dozens of aggregator and hosting sites dedicated to them. So the new The Leaking Pen will be a place for learning and improving, but also a place for true creation.  It’s our intent to become a Label. A publisher.  We will support the ever growing community of Serial Novels, and makes sure they become as well known as a medium as they deserve to be. And along the way, we’ll have some laughs, make some friends, maybe touch some lives.  It’ll be a blast. Please, join us!

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