Saturday Serial Review! “Do It Yourself” Supers and spirits and Terminators. Oh My!

Like most reviews you will be seeing, I saw this gem on the new list at If anyone has a serial they think I should read and comment on, please let me know!


Today’s serial can be started at

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the author has completed the first book and started on the second!  Yay finished stories with more to come.  I’ve archive binged and started book two, so that’s a sign of a winner to me.


The basic story is one that DESPERATELY needs to be made into an RPG concept.  Basically, there’s a big outdoor mall. The kind of place with dozens of big and little stores sharing a parking lot. It’s a weirdness magnet. In this mall, there is a Home Depot esque store. It’s the epicenter of the magnet.  The employees include time travelers, supervillains (retired), ghosts, a T-800 (different timeline, female model, and she’s already taken care of HER John Conner, she’s just waiting for Judgement Day. Working the Kids’ Krafts table. )

All is well and good, until a competitor opens their doors across the street, and the hardware wars begin.

It’s as ridiculous and awesome as you’re thinking. If Robert Aspirin has written about being a wage slave at Home Depot, it would be this.  Typos are generally at less than one per chapter, a good rate.  The characters have unique voices, there are a few overdone accents, an Irish Gnome, the Terminator’s pseudoGermanic, and a cowboy who works for the shadowy organization COWBO. (They couldnt come up with a good Y word to complete the acronym. ) But since the story is ensemble, swapping views every chapter, or during, it never gets grating.


You should give it a shot!

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