April Fools’ Annual Serial Swap

At S.N.A.G., we look for any way we can find to help spread the word about serial novels, and help authors share traffic and get eyes on their work. The oldest way we’ve been involved in doing so is with an April Fools’ swap.  Originally created on the forums of Webfictionguide.com by Wysteria and Lyn Thorne-Alder, it has been picked back up and become an annual tradition.

The idea is simple.  Writers that sign up get assigned to each other’s serials.  They write a non-canon, joke post.  There are a lot of ways to do so, but the idea is to end with an obvious joke, an APRIL FOOLS! Each author then posts who wrote the joke post for them, linking back to that person’s serial, and a link to the joke post THEY wrote for another serial.  This gets a lot of traffic and motion, lots of discussion, and is generally good fun for all involved.

This year’s installment is current collecting authors.  You can find more information at



Or, sign up directly through



And previous years can be located at the below links.  Unfortunately, many of the serials no longer exist, especially for the original.  If anyone has the posts saved and the permission of both writer and serial owner, I would be happy to mirror the posts here. Please let me know at  SNAG@theleakingpen.net .







And the original


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